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Laravel Framework Development Company

Laravel Framework Development Company

What is Laravel framework?

Laravel is a framework or group of libraries that make PHP development faster, scalable and above all quality. Like when we talk about WordPress plugins to add functionality third in laravel third-party libraries we find we can help create very rich applications. From integration with social networks, newsletters, complex payment systems.

It is a technology that represents an evolution in terms of development time because it includes a package manager that very efficiently allows us to update our libraries. This handler is called composer and learning to use it can save a lot of time in development.

This complex set of features and resources to develop a minimum viable product with this technology can be very fast. In paritechnology.com we participate in the development of plugins or libraries that help new developments.

Why Laravel framework for your next project?

Full features offered allowed from creating a simple blog style wordpress, prestashop shop style or a management program tailored to a customer to supply certain tasks that are tedious or repetitive.

It also allows full integration with engines NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, putting developments at the level of large databases such as Facebook or Twitter.

It allows easily create REST APIs for native mobile apps and webapps. The power is amazing as you can see.